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Start-up Space

Start-up Space




The interactive technology incubator provides the best office and co-working space  for startups with economical rents, first-aid technical supports, instant market-feedback from front store – “KOSMOSPOT”, as well as business collaboration and consulting services


Digital Art Kaohsiung United Office


From public retail market in the past to the current creative co-working space, and the incubation base down the path to future.


Pier 2 co-working Base

“Pier 2 co-working Base” is a newly designed space at Pier 2 Art Center which is combined with all participants’ value and knowledge to create a resource and experience sharing network. This is the mission of Pier 2 Art Center to deepen the cultural energy and promote urban transformation.

KO-IN 智高點


“KO-IN” serves as a platform for intelligent innovation and technology to echo Digital infrastructure such as  4G Broadband structure and DIGI+ development to promote smart city infrastructure, techniques and application as well as to cultivate resource and space for local enterprises and startups.