You can now search high fashion in Augmented Reality after the international fashion brand Burberry teamed up with Google search to incorporate AR tool in Google Search that enables you to view the latest high-end fashion from the comfort of your smartphone.

Tech-savvy fashionistas searching for the latest high fashion on Google Search via a smartphone can now activate an AR experience that enables them to overlay or superimpose the item that they are searching in a real-life environment by using their smartphone camera. For example, you can overlay a fashion item next to an existing outfit to get good idea of how they’d look without physically visiting the store.

Whenever you enter the name of the product that you are searching for on Google Search, the results will display an AR option. This will be shown in the form of a “View in 3D” button, enabling you to easily overlay the product in your real-world setting. It allows you to see the latest Burberry creations in immersive Augmented Reality.

The functionality doesn’t require any app and works just like the other Google AR-enabled animal-related search terms that were incorporated late last year. Those 3D animal searches enable the user to view a 3D asset in Augmented Reality or as a 3D construct superimposed on a plain background as seen below.

Google 3D Search for animals

It gives the best results with a Chrome browser.

Burberry’s new AR-enabled Google searches do not include an ecommerce component yet. However, it represents a major opportunity for the ecommerce shopping experience of the future which will be AR shopping cart-enabled and which merge seamlessly with Google’s vast advertising inventory.

Burberry’s AR-enabled Google Search experiment has arrived just a few months after the brand used Augmented Reality to launch a major retail outlet in Tokyo’s luxury-themed Ginza district. During the store’s opening, guests could scan QR codes in order to launch virtual experiences. They could also use a separate AR lens to find a virtual deer on the streets around the retail outlet.

The fashion and beauty industry have enthusiastically embraced Augmented Reality in marketing and selling products. Every few months, we are seeing new inventive AR marketing experiences being launched by various brands in this space.

We are likely going to see more players embracing Google’s AR product experience in the coming months as more brands continue to discover and embrace immersive marketing.

The Burberry AR tool is currently available in both the US and the UK. Plans are underway to roll out the tool across the globe alongside new products in the next few months.

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